Saturday, January 7, 2012

Expansion and Experiments

We're taking over my folks backyard...slowly. It's just down the street and they're long as, according to my dad, we don't make it an obstacle course to mow. We have ordered two Paw Paw trees to plant in their backyard. Are planning to expand the raised bed area the previous owners left behind as well as try a keyhole bed. We decided to get working on the keyhole bed today.

Awhile back we attended a free course at OSU/OKC on season extension methods. We learned about low tunnels, hoop houses and greenhouses. We decided to try a low tunnel on one of our raised beds. I'm not sure why the photos got all jumbly...blogger is not cooperating. Hopefully you get the idea - we planted some cool weather crops, we bent some EMT (metal tubes), stuck them in the ground, attached a purlin, covered the whole thing in agribond (special fabric that lets in light and moisture while keeping things warmer). The photo from the inside was from a few weeks back, things have grown some since then.

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