Saturday, January 22, 2011

winner, winner tempeh dinner!

This week's surprise hit was tonight's dinner of 'Tempeh Helper' featuring a *cheese* sauce made from nutritional yeast. The recipe came from Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Appetite for Reduction.
Everyone enjoyed this one, even the little person, who has previously spat out tempeh.

We are doing really well in keeping on track. We did go out to eat last week, to our favorite Mexican restaurant - Pepe Delgados. We were able to stay true with Veggie Things (picture burritos as big as your face loaded with rice, black beans, fried potatoes and peppers, topped with fantastic hot sauce) without sour cream or cheese. I have to say it was wildly satisfying, even without the diary. And somehow I didn't quite feel as guilty for eating over half of it.

We got our co-op order this week, so we're set with delicious cheese from Wagon Creek Creamery and mushrooms from OM Gardens. The kid snacking on some golden oysters, below

Here's this week's dinner menu:
Saturday - Tempeh Helper, carrots and celery, salad
Sunday - 'Caesar' Salad, Mushroom Barley, cheese bread
Monday - Lentil Bolognese, salad
Tuesday - Carrot Coconut Milk Soup, garlic sesame toast
Wednesday - Chickpea Salad, fruit and jicama
Thursday - Minted Yogurt Soup, bread, salad
Friday - Butternut Coconut Rice, Blackened Tofu, greens

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